The tracking of Arion's debut album started in October 2013 and eventually took six months. An unbroken string of melodic metal jewels, “Last Of Us” is laden with nothing but songs to die for and laced with nimble musicianship, bombastic arrangements and orchestrations (artfully crafted by Perttu Vänskä) & choirs, intelligent lyrics (guided and co-authored by Jani Liimatainen) and some of the most impressive vocal work you will ever hear from a 18-year old greenhorn. Whatever your particular poison is; be it a race car fast double bass pedal assault, a heartfelt ballad, more progressive song structuring or grandiose symphonic bliss, it's all there on “Last Of Us”. All masterfully realised and honed to perfection under the tutelage and surveillance of Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius).

(C) Ranka Kustannus 2018